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eDocOne 5.0

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The stylish webpage catcher, e-articles organizer, eBook publishing tool only for $29.95 (one-off) now!

We can get a huge amount of information from Internet and keep them on our computer. How do you organize your electronic articles and information so that you can get what you want easily when you need them? Do you want a tool that can help to keep the information from Internet just by one click and organize them in an orderly manner, and with a stylish interface?

eDocOne is a catcher and an organizer for your electronic content. It enables you to maintain the electronic books for collecting all of your articles on your computer, using a stylish interface and full support for getting content from Internet, E.g. web pages, hyperlinks, images, flash and so on. You can organize the articles in a book with "folders". You can create many folders in a book and keep the articles in the correlative folder. The folders and articles can be password protected and customized in design. eDocOne also allows export one article or a folder of articles to HTML files on the disk with frame-navigated page. Additional features include search, bookmarks entries, backup and more.

eDocOne is also an electronic-book publishing tool. It enables you to make eBook in .CHM or .EXE format. Then you can share your electronic content to others easily. And the eBook(.EXE) can be protected by a password, then someone who has the password can read the content and others can't.


Key feature

  • Easy catcher - eDocOne can get the content from web pages just by one click.
  • Multiple kinds of content - You can get the full web page, images, texts, Flash movies of a web page. And you also can get all web pages correlated with a web page.
  • Secret - eDocOne creates books with password protected. All items in the book, including folders and articles, can be password protected too.
  • Secure - eDocOne provides the security for your data. It also provides the backup/restore and the export/import solutions within the software. And more, eDocOne provides the auto backup when exiting.
  • Well organized - You can create folders in a book and keep the articles in the folders.
  • Modifiable and Commentable - You can modify the content of an article or add the comment to an article.
  • Quickly and easily search - eDocOne can find what you want quickly and easily. You just need enter a phrase for searching, then eDocOne will list the results to you.
  • Personalization - eDocOne provides various skins. You can select a skin as you like, more skins can be got from the website. When creating new book, you can specify a book picture for it.
  • Easy to use - eDocOne is an easy-to-use electronic content keeper. All operations are simple and human.
  • Stylish and real-book-like interface - eDocOne simulate the real book.
  • Additional tool - eDocOne provides the tool for making eletronical book(.EXE or .CHM).
  • Ensure the latest version - eDocOne comes with a built-in smart update system, you can get the latest version any time and very easily.
    (The smart update system is powered by IncUpdate)

Additional skins  (How to install skins)


  Download this skin

  Download this skin

  Download this skin

Get eDocOne 5

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