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Password Coffer 3

The personal passwords organizer and protector

How do you keep your passwords, PINs, combinations, credit card numbers on your computer? How can you get them easily and ensure that they are kept securely and safely?

Password Coffer is an easy-to-use passwords organizer and protector. It protect all data with Blowfish encryption(fully compliant with U.S. crypto export laws) and it stores your private information securely. You can get your privacy very easily when you need. With nice interface, bringing great convenience to your work, Password Coffer is indeed an important assistant to you.


Key feature

  • Remember just one password, forget others - Password Coffer can protect your passwords by one password and manage all of your passwords or accounts. You need remember just the one password for accessing Password Coffer, then you can get others very easily.
  • Secret - Password Coffer stores all your privacy based on an account. Before using it, you must create an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. All your privacy will never be accessed by others. Password Coffer encrypts all your data with Blowfish encryption(fully compliant with U.S. crypto export laws). Password Coffer provides a soft-onscreen-keyboard for typing passwords into it to prevent some spy or trojan softwares detecting the passwords. This tool can anti any keystroke-loggers.
  • Secure - Password Coffer provides the security for your data. It also provides the backup/restore and the export/import solutions within the software. And more, Password Coffer provides the auto backup when exiting.
  • Easy to use - Password Coffer is an easy-to-use passwords keeper. All operations are simple and human. You can see things your way, this means you can sort entries by any column.
  • Nice interface - Password Coffer provides a clean and nice user interface. You can see entries in a snap.
  • Additional tool - Password Coffer provides "fill in" function for open the web page and enter the login information(username and password) automatically.
  • Quickly and easily search - Password Coffer can find what you want quickly and easily.

Get Password Coffer

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